Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Life of a Demonstrator

Staying true to form, blogs are going back to their roots. What are those roots? That is telling a personal story and not just adding to the million pages of paraphrased content already out there. Therefore, I have decided to share my story for one day – a day from the life of a demonstrator at Home Depot.

What is a demonstrator?

If you have ever been to The Home Depot, I am sure you have seen the poor soul standing at a table displaying some product or been approached by someone pitching a product. This is a demonstrator.

Why do we do this?

Unlike free food and recipe ideas in grocery stores or similar setups in similar stores – some products just can’t be stacked on a shelf. In my case, it is sunrooms, screen rooms, patio covers, ultra lattice pergolas, under decking and more. Uh oh, there I go pitching in this very blog.

I mentioned poor soul earlier. I know most of you customers don’t see us in this light. You see an annoying sales person that you must avoid at all cost. That is the very reason we are poor souls. We know that we are annoying and you would rather avoid us, but as with anything, we must fulfill our jobs.

What is my only desire?

Just know that we, meaning demonstrators, really do not want to bother you. We are trying to inform you of the many other wonderful services and products that Home Depot has to offer. You may be surprised how often customers find amazing promotions and projects they are truly interested in just by allowing us to engage you in conversation and opening a dialog.

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