Sunday, May 27, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Aluminum Patio Covers and Pergolas vs. Wood

Aluminum construction has many advantages over its wood predecessor

Various textures and colors give you an endless array of options and finishes. For completely seamless integration, veneers can also be added to match the existing exterior of your house, e.g., brick, stucco, siding.
  1. 200% stronger than traditional stick built construction
  2. Materials cost and construction is a fraction of the cost.
  3. Resistance to natural weathering
  4. No maintenance with the exception of occasional cleaning
  5. Impervious to boring and nesting insects
  6. Wood construction is subject to fire damage and termites
  7. No refinishing every 2 – 3 years common with exterior paints and stains
  8. No splitters, rusting nails, warping, bowing and rotting common with traditional wood
  9. In addition, warranties are available which is never the case with traditional construction
  10. Aluminum is also superior to steel in that fact that corrosion and rust are not common

All of these benefits, the durability and overall lack of maintenance involved makes Factory Direct Remodeling of Atlanta #1 in patio cover, pergola, under decking, sun room and screen room additions. While wood is not the most favorable choice for construction, we do have solutions for building with wood. In these cases, we use only the highest quality treated wood with a special patented finish that will last for years to come. At Factory Direct Remodeling of Atlanta, we use only the best material.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Installing a Deck Right The First Time

Very few decks age gracefully.

Traditional decks are highly subject to the wear and tear of foot traffic and everyday living and are no match for mother nature. If you are lucky and have professionally treated wood, it may only require stripping and repeated staining every 2 – 3 years. This is still too much work and there are solutions to get around this.

With a Factory Direct Remodeling of Atlanta deck, we use high quality composite materials or the highest grade wood available to build our decks that don’t require continued maintenance. In addition, we offer all sorts of patio covers, pergolas, privacy options and deck enclosures that will allow your deck to last for years to come.  

We even offer multi-level decks with a whole array of options to add privacy and amenities not found with most decks.  Starting with partial stone walls to separate your deck into both an entertainment area and private area for your own personal use and even complementing this with oversized ferns or palms to add even more privacy and make your deck ready for a feature spread in a magazine. 

Our multi-level decks with under decking offer double protection against the elements and do not leak. A lot of us think that doing something like this is simple and how complicated can under-decking be? We then find ourselves with a leaking deck that has to be completely redone. Don’t let this be you. Contact Factory Direct Remodeling of Atlanta to see what custom solutions we can build for you and we back all of our work.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Type of Grass Should I Plant Now?

Time is Running Out

There are only a few more weeks before it's too late to plant grass for the upcoming summer season.  There are a few types of grass that can still be planted from now until late June.  These breeds are suited for the North Georgia area down to areas just below the suburbs south of Atlanta.

Which Type?

The easiest breed to plant is Centipede.  This breed requires very low maintenance and works in most conditions.  This common grass is great for those of us that like to plant it and forget it.

Next, we have Bermudagrass.  While there is some maintenance required, it is very little compared to others.  However, this changes for Hybrid versions of Bermudagrass which are considered high maintenance.  The only other drawback to all varieties of Bermudagrass is their performance in the shade.

If you are okay with a lot of maintenance, continued watering and mowing, Tall Fescue is a very popular and attractive grass that grows rapidly and works well in both full sun and moderate shade.

Depending on your needs and most importantly who is responsible for the yard work in your household, there are a few varieties to choose from this time of year.  Perhaps a mixture of these breeds would work best if you have a lot of shaded areas.  Whatever your requirements, remember to act quickly as time is running out.

Happy Mowing.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Your Weekly Plant Calendar for Week of May 20th

What should I be planting for the week of May 20th, 2012?

This week is the perfect time for most seedbeds, above ground vegetables, herbs and flower gardens.  May offers the most favorable weather conditions for planting Basil, Beans, Cabbage, Carrots, Corn, Cucumbers, Eggplant, assorted Melons, Okra, Oregano, Peppers, Sage, Squash, Thyme and Tomatoes.

Conditions are also favorable for plants that require transplanting, cultivating or treatment for pests.

Lawn Care

If you still have bare spots in your lawn, there is only a small window left to reseed those areas.  For the next two weeks, focus on the application of fertilizer to give your lawn a boost and crowd out weeds that pop up later in the season.

With termperatures quickly rising, make sure you are not mowing your grass too short, less than 3 inches, and you are watering in the morning or evening.
With continued great weather and occasional rain, it’s an ideal time for a short vacation.

Happy Gardening.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What Plants Are Poisonous or Toxic?

What Plants Are Poisonous or Toxic?

You might be surprised to know that several common plants are actually poisonous to us and/or our pets. Does this mean you should avoid the plants completely? No, planting is okay in some circumstances. You should just proceed with caution and watch out for any symptoms of toxicity.

Toxicity isn't always associated with the entire plant. In some cases, it may be the flowers, leaves or even the roots that are actually poisonous. Included below is a list of such poisonous plants that are very common in gardens throughout the United States. To determine the actual degree of risks and its effects, you should thoroughly research any plant in question. This list is provided only as a general guide.

Autumn Crocus
Black Locust
Bleeding Heart
Castor Bean
Elephant Ear
Golden Chain
Jimson Weed
Lily of the Valley
Poison Hemlock
Red Sage
Rosary Pea
Star of Bethlehem
Water Hemlock
Wild Cherries

Expand Your Living Area to Your Backyard

Expand Your Living Area to Your Backyard

Boring concrete slabs are a thing of the past. Right now, custom patios are one of the hottest trends in the housing market. There are endless options that can be shaped to accent any home, lawn and garden.

 A custom patio truly is an extended living area if planned and built correctly. There are a lot of things to consider, e.g., facing east or west, privacy measures, intended use. In addition, the patio doesn’t even have to be attached to the house. It can be hidden away in a little nook for a private sanctuary.

The two most common requirements are an entertaining area and a private area. This can be achieved with half-walls of stone, plants with a lot of foliage, i.e., large fern, and a patio cover or pergola for privacy from above.
Use large ferns or other plants for
additional privacy
To really make your patio inviting, you have your choice of traditional brick pavers, stone pavers or even colored concrete. If you already have a concrete slab, it can be stained for a unique look or color can be added when the concrete slab is put in place. Once you have the basic layout completed, add a fire pit and small fountain or pond to complete the package. Both items are great for entertainment and fountains work great for drowning out noise.

To get started, you only need to request a free in-home estimate and go from there. Factory Direct Remodeling of Atlanta has 100s of patio options.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Finding the Best Plants for Your Garden

Finding the Best Plants for Your Garden

A really simple and great tool for finding great plants to add to your garden is to do some neighborhood searching.

While this neighborhood search is not what you are thinking and has a sad side, it is 100% full proof. There are now millions of foreclosed homes. What does this mean? This means the gardens of these homesare unattended and receiving no up keep. Whatever is still growing, should give you a pretty good indication of what flowers, shrubs and other types of plants will work well in your yard.

This is not only limited to searching foreclosed homes. It can also be expanded to rental properties that are currently vacant or experience intermediate vacancy.

Follow up for more gardening tips from Factory Direct Remodeling of Atlanta.

Not Having LowE Windows

Not Having LowE Windows

If you are using older windows that are not LowE, you might as well leave a window open. That is how much air conditioning is escaping.

Contact for economical replacement of your old windows. They will pay for themselves in the first summer and that is a FACT.

Rental Property – Make more money and protect your investment

Rental Property – Make more money and protect your investment

Most people shy away from certain modifications to rental homes. This isn’t a smart business decision. Not only can you increase the rent by $400 or more depending on the location, but you are also adding one of the main factors that appreciates a home’s value even in this tuff economy. An additional 500+ SQ. FT. is a huge selling point and sound investment

Worried about additional heating or air? Don’t be…. new sun rooms are actually just as efficient as the common refrigerator. The entire process take only1-3 weeks depending upon permits, etc.

Selling the home in the near future? The warranty is transferrable. Get started today.




Aluminum vs. Wood Pergolas

Aluminum composite pergolas, patio covers, under decking, screen rooms and sun rooms are far superior to wood products. 

It doesn't take much to integrate this into your landscape
Pergolas build to last 25+ years

First, there is no chance of termite damage an insects cannot bore or nest in Factory Direct Remodeling of Atlanta’s high-grade aluminum products.

Second, aluminum requires no maintenance and does not rot, fade or require treatment like it woof predecessors.

Third, aluminum is a fraction of the cost and built to withstand extremely high winds.

Finally, the aluminum products available today can be made to look like any material and in most shades of color.

We have customers who recently suffered tornado damange in 2011 and their aluminum sun rooms are still standing and that is their current living area since the traditional wood build structure is completely gone.

We are happy to hear from customers with both products. Tell us what you think.