Thursday, May 24, 2012

Installing a Deck Right The First Time

Very few decks age gracefully.

Traditional decks are highly subject to the wear and tear of foot traffic and everyday living and are no match for mother nature. If you are lucky and have professionally treated wood, it may only require stripping and repeated staining every 2 – 3 years. This is still too much work and there are solutions to get around this.

With a Factory Direct Remodeling of Atlanta deck, we use high quality composite materials or the highest grade wood available to build our decks that don’t require continued maintenance. In addition, we offer all sorts of patio covers, pergolas, privacy options and deck enclosures that will allow your deck to last for years to come.  

We even offer multi-level decks with a whole array of options to add privacy and amenities not found with most decks.  Starting with partial stone walls to separate your deck into both an entertainment area and private area for your own personal use and even complementing this with oversized ferns or palms to add even more privacy and make your deck ready for a feature spread in a magazine. 

Our multi-level decks with under decking offer double protection against the elements and do not leak. A lot of us think that doing something like this is simple and how complicated can under-decking be? We then find ourselves with a leaking deck that has to be completely redone. Don’t let this be you. Contact Factory Direct Remodeling of Atlanta to see what custom solutions we can build for you and we back all of our work.

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