Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Type of Grass Should I Plant Now?

Time is Running Out

There are only a few more weeks before it's too late to plant grass for the upcoming summer season.  There are a few types of grass that can still be planted from now until late June.  These breeds are suited for the North Georgia area down to areas just below the suburbs south of Atlanta.

Which Type?

The easiest breed to plant is Centipede.  This breed requires very low maintenance and works in most conditions.  This common grass is great for those of us that like to plant it and forget it.

Next, we have Bermudagrass.  While there is some maintenance required, it is very little compared to others.  However, this changes for Hybrid versions of Bermudagrass which are considered high maintenance.  The only other drawback to all varieties of Bermudagrass is their performance in the shade.

If you are okay with a lot of maintenance, continued watering and mowing, Tall Fescue is a very popular and attractive grass that grows rapidly and works well in both full sun and moderate shade.

Depending on your needs and most importantly who is responsible for the yard work in your household, there are a few varieties to choose from this time of year.  Perhaps a mixture of these breeds would work best if you have a lot of shaded areas.  Whatever your requirements, remember to act quickly as time is running out.

Happy Mowing.

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