Saturday, May 19, 2012

Expand Your Living Area to Your Backyard

Expand Your Living Area to Your Backyard

Boring concrete slabs are a thing of the past. Right now, custom patios are one of the hottest trends in the housing market. There are endless options that can be shaped to accent any home, lawn and garden.

 A custom patio truly is an extended living area if planned and built correctly. There are a lot of things to consider, e.g., facing east or west, privacy measures, intended use. In addition, the patio doesn’t even have to be attached to the house. It can be hidden away in a little nook for a private sanctuary.

The two most common requirements are an entertaining area and a private area. This can be achieved with half-walls of stone, plants with a lot of foliage, i.e., large fern, and a patio cover or pergola for privacy from above.
Use large ferns or other plants for
additional privacy
To really make your patio inviting, you have your choice of traditional brick pavers, stone pavers or even colored concrete. If you already have a concrete slab, it can be stained for a unique look or color can be added when the concrete slab is put in place. Once you have the basic layout completed, add a fire pit and small fountain or pond to complete the package. Both items are great for entertainment and fountains work great for drowning out noise.

To get started, you only need to request a free in-home estimate and go from there. Factory Direct Remodeling of Atlanta has 100s of patio options.

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