Friday, May 11, 2012

Aluminum vs. Wood Pergolas

Aluminum composite pergolas, patio covers, under decking, screen rooms and sun rooms are far superior to wood products. 

It doesn't take much to integrate this into your landscape
Pergolas build to last 25+ years

First, there is no chance of termite damage an insects cannot bore or nest in Factory Direct Remodeling of Atlanta’s high-grade aluminum products.

Second, aluminum requires no maintenance and does not rot, fade or require treatment like it woof predecessors.

Third, aluminum is a fraction of the cost and built to withstand extremely high winds.

Finally, the aluminum products available today can be made to look like any material and in most shades of color.

We have customers who recently suffered tornado damange in 2011 and their aluminum sun rooms are still standing and that is their current living area since the traditional wood build structure is completely gone.

We are happy to hear from customers with both products. Tell us what you think.

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