Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Isn’t my deck by itself good enough?

There is no arguing that a really nice deck can make a backyard and home much more beautiful.

However, does it make it more livable? That is the main question you should ask yourself. When you are in the middle of full-on summer, will you really get much enjoyment sitting directly in the sun? Yes, you can sun bath or grill out, but why not do these things and more?

Adding a patio cover or pergola over part of or over the entire deck multiplies the benefits. To begin with, you now have shaded areas that offer anywhere from 20 – 30 degree temperature differences compared to being in the full sun. It doesn’t stop there. Adding an outdoor ceiling fan even makes it better. You now really have an outdoor living area.

Partial areas can be blocked off for privacy with oversized ferns, palms, border walls and other areas can remain open for entertaining on any occasion.  Outdoor patio furniture can remain truly outdoor furniture year-round. How many times have you started to grill and all of the sudden you find yourself fighting time against an approaching thunderstorm? You no longer have to worry about issues like this or rained out parties. Everything and everyone is now protected from the elements.

With summer just weeks away, I know you don’t want to hear about heat, but even with winter months, rain or snow, you still have an enjoyable living area with a fire pit or outdoor heater to keep you toasty and warm.

Backyard living is a very trendy subject in today’s home improvement projects.

A deck is just a deck. Add depth and dimension with a patio cover and/or pergola and you now have added square footage that adds to the value of your home and makes it much more attractive. If you ever decide to sell, your home value has now increased. Contact Factory Direct Remodeling of Atlanta to get started turning your backyard into a truly enjoyable living area regardless of the weather.

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