Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vacation for Nothing Without Time Off

New Outlook on Vacationing

The economy is growing right along with workload. This is good news, right? Of course, this is great news, but it means taking a vacation is practically impossible. Daydreaming you're at the beach in some background desktop photo on your computer for a few moments is downright sad and only reinforces the idea you have no vacation. 

Childhood Inspirations

Transporting myself into the private beach photo  is probably out of the question. This leaves me with nothing but thinking back to the many hours I spent as a child on my grandmother’s porch at her beachfront house listening to the soothing sound of waves break.

Vacationing Daily

Reminiscing about these times brought me to an obvious conclusion. You don’t have to leave home to create and experience your very own oasis. Just like waves crashing, I love the sounds of a  heavy rainstorm or the many sounds resonating from the woods on a summer night.  To add, wouldn't it be great to have a entertaining area with Tiki torches and outdoor furniture for friends to come over and sit back and enjoy a nice cold drink with a sizzling steak right off the grill.

Creating Your Destination

First, I need to create a private and enjoyable retreat at home to do just these things. That’s simple -- build an outdoor living center with a screen porch. Enclosing part of the deck and then installing a pergola or ultra lattice over a portion will give me both a more private intimate area and an open area for entertaining.

It doesn't cost anything to have someone come out , design my new outdoor living area and give me an estimate.  That’s a good place to start. They will have sample materials and 100s of different options to choose from ranging from choice of materials to sunroom styles, e.g., traditional, Florida, 3 Season, screened patios to screened porches, under decking and much more. Find out what you can build and the cost for free by completing the form below.


Enjoy Your New Oasis 365 Days a Year

You can feel safe with the excellent workmanship and what vacation comes with a lifetime warranty. Depending upon your selection, your new private outdoor living area has a lifetime warranty.  For the same amount of money typically spent on the average vacation, you can create all of this, have it year-round to enjoy and increase the value and investment in your home with added living space. Sure, I will make it back to the beach one of these days, but this will turn out pretty well too.

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